Q: What is a wrap?
Although they may look like elaborate paint jobs, vehicle wraps are actually a vinyl decal that conforms to the vehicle's shape.  Any graphic image, picture or text can be digitally printed to the vinyl with a UV lamination applied on top of it.  Wraps can be applied to almost anything...buses, trucks, vans, cars, trailers and even boats.  They are a great way to attract attention and are less expensive than renting billboard space.  If you can push, pull or drag it then we can probably wrap it!

Q: How long does it take to complete a wrap?
Once you have approved the artwork most wraps can be printed and installed in approximately 2 weeks.  Installation time on a full wrap of an average size car is about 8 hours.

Q: How much will my wrap cost ?
Since every wrap is different we can only give a range of approximate costs.  Small to midsize cars run $2500 to $3200.  Full size cars, SUVs and vans can run from $3000 to $3800.  Anything larger would need to be quoted. Price ranges do include design, printing and installation at our location.  Remote installs would run higher depending on distance travelled.

Q: How long will my wrap last?
A: If properly taken care of your wrap is warranted to last 3 years without cracking or substantially fading. 
Climate and care play the biggest part in how long it will actually last.  If you live in an extreme area like Arizona or here in Southwest Florida, don't expect to get the full life since fading will occur much quicker.  Areas where they constantly salt roads due to snow can also be very harsh on vinyl.  Although you should get several good years out of your graphics, keep in mind they are not a replacement for a paint job.

Q: How long before I can wash my vehicle?
Since we install 99.9% of our graphics with a dry application they are ready to go as soon as the install is complete, unlike wet applications which take longer to install and you have a drying time to allow the application fluid to fully evaporate.  Plus, dry installs have a much better adhesion since there is not an additional film between the graphics and the substrate.

Q: How do I care for my wrap?
Taking it through an automatic car wash is not recommended as the spinning brushes and chamois can grab at the edges causing water to be forced up under it or even tear at the graphic.  The same applies to the manual car washes with the high pressure sprayers.   Keep the nozzle at least 12" away from the decal and do not aim at a sharp angle directly at the edge of the graphic. The best method is the old fashioned hand wash.  With a mild liquid detergent in water and a sponge or cleaning glove, wipe from the center of the graphic towards the outer edge.  For striping or lettering try to follow the path of the vinyl.  Use a low pressure hose and rinse thoroughly and allow to dry naturally.  Always read the label if you plan to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners. Use a cleaner designed for high quality painted surfaces. It must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents and have a pH value of between 3 & 11 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline). 


Q: Can you put graphics on any surface?
Depending on the type of vinyl and the adhesive it has you should be able to place them on any surface that is smooth and non-porous.  For painted surfaces like walls it should be done with a semi or high gloss finish to provide better adhesion.  Flat paint is not recommend due to its porous nature.  For vehicles, avoid placing on moulding that is plastic or textured as the decal will most likely peel off in a short time.  Keep in mind that vinyl is only as good as the substrate you are applying it to.  If there is rust or loose paint then it's not a good idea to install until those issues are corrected.  There are also many materials available like painted MDO board, Coroplast®, Alumalite® and many more that are excellent for signmaking.

Q: How do I get old decals off of my vehicle?
If you're a do-it-yourselfer then 2 must have necessities are a good heat gun and an even better adhesive remover.  Try a portion by pulling up a letter or edge to see how pliable the vinyl is and how much if any of the adhesive is being left behind.  If the vinyl is breaking apart in small pieces then try heating up the area in order to help soften the vinyl and also help the adhesive to come up with it.  After the vinyl is pulled up apply some adhesive remover using a spray bottle and cover the area in a way that saturates the glue, making sure to control running.  Several applications may be needed to completely remove all adhesive. A plastic scraper and paper towels are a good way to get the loosened glue up.  Keep in mind that darker color cars will show more scratches so take it easy when scraping.  Clean area with a surface cleaner such as 409® or similar product. The area under the vinyl should look much newer so it may require detailing to even it out.

Q: How do I get my artwork/logo to you?
At this time you can email files up to 5MB to design@L7Graphix.com .  For larger or quantities of files we ask that you burn them to a CD or DVD and either mail or overnight to us.  If a photo is to be scanned by either us or you it must be done from a glossy, professionally processed photo paper.  An inkjet printed photo will not have the continuous color necessary for a quality scan.

Q: If you design a logo who does it belong to?
Any logo or design/artwork that is created by Identity Graphix or one of its designers, becomes the property of Identity Graphix under copyright laws.  Even if we take your existing logo and incorporate it into a design of our own, then the overall design itself belongs to us.  Any proof(s) that may be given to you for your consideration may not be reproduced in any way without our written permission.  We do however have options available for you to purchase the design/logo outright and can transfer full ownership with it.  Please ask if you have any further questions.


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